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Vanguard World’s Fair May 2, 2024

IT’S TIME This Thursday (May 2) is our Vanguard World’s Fair!I am so excited to [...]

Imaginative Arts Apprentice April 25, 2024 – The American Dream.

THE AMERICAN DREAM – Do you know what it is? WATCH THIS VIDEO and then [...]

Journeyman Apr. 25: Pop Art and Andy Warhol

Pop Art and Andy Warhol Here is the a video to introduce you to Pop [...]

Imaginative Arts Apprentice March 28, 2024 – AFRICA

lucky you: I made you a checklist for this week!! HERE IT IS. ~Traci PART [...]

IA Journeyman: Sculpture Week

This week we are talking about sculptures. Of course unlike the work we have been [...]

Master April 28 “A Man Called Peter” (1955 movie)

Know: Do all of the following: Understand:

Sports! Ultimate week 2

Friends, this is our last official week of Ultimate. If you haven’t watched the following [...]

Master February 22: Yearning for the Living God

As you read Yearning for the Living God, take some time to answer in writing [...]

Imaginative Art Apprentice: February 22 – South America

✏Writing Assignment We’re putting it all together and writing the paragraphs that you’ve been preparing [...]