IA Journeyman: Sculpture Week

This week we are talking about sculptures. Of course unlike the work we have been looking at so far these are 3-D art.  You can walk all the way around them and see them from many different angles.

We will be looking at this sculpture. The Dancer – it is a mixed media sculpture.

Watch this video


What do you think, does she look ugly? Does she look evil?

Also there is a beautiful sculpture garden at Thanksgiving Point. https://ajsculptures.com/pages/light-of-the-world-garden

My favorite is the sculpture of Lazarus. The place you stand to look at the sculpture is behind Lazarus so you are seeing what he saw. Looking out the door of the tomb he could see the Savior and his sisters. The picture is on the fifth row on the right side. Did you know Jesus raised Lazarus only days before the Triumphant Entry and the start of his last week before the Resurrection.

 Which is your favorite sculpture and why?

Watch the video at the bottom of the page too, the camera goes all the way around the art pieces and you can see there is detail on all sides.

Sculptures can be made of all kinds of mediums like clay, steel , paper, and on and on. This week we will be sculpting with wire and foil and fabric.

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