Imaginative Arts Apprentice April 25, 2024 – The American Dream.

WATCH THIS VIDEO and then have a conversation with your parents about what they think the American Dream is.


Your CONTINENT PROJECT is to create a project that represents what you think the American Dream is. (1-2 hours) It can be a poster, a piece of art, a song, a skit, you could make some food, sew something, use your imagination!! Bring it to class.

It’s almost World’s Fair/Passion Project time!! Let’s tie up all the loose ends.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Make a tri-fold board. (Due April 25) BUT DO NOT BRING IT TO CLASS!!! I want your boards to be a surprise for everyone AT the World’s Fair! BUT you do need to TEXT me a picture of your completed board so I know you got it finished. (Your mom should have my number.) Boards can be found at Dollar Tree and probably Walmart. Boards should be engaging and informative. Here is a quick layout example in THIS VIDEO It’s for a science project but it doesn’t matter, you can adjust it to work with your project. Don’t feel like you have to read this full article, but it has some great tips if you need more ideas. (Around 2-3 hours)
  2. OPTIONAL: If you don’t know what information should be on your board, think of all the writing tools Jen has given you this year and write a one page paper about some aspect of your project. (I feel like I have already assigned this, but I think there was some confusion so I am mentioning it again.) Your paper could be about how you did your project, or how what you learned, or some other way you want to teach us about your project. Some of you may have already figured out what you want on your board or written a paper about it, so you can skip this step if you choose.
  3. Finish your project, put those finishing touches on! Woot woot! 🎈 🎉 (Due May 2 – World’s Fair Day)
  4. Prepare your 2 minute presentation, time it, time it, time it!! TIME IT! (Due May 2 – World’s Fair Day)

Tips for font for trifold board:

Not sure what font size to use on your trifold board? Here is a good guideline: 

 >100 for your title, 
32-48 for headers
16-18 for body text
12- 14 for captions

Remember that the person reading your board is standing a few feet away from it, not reading it like a paper. These larger font sizes also help limit the amount of text on your board.

I have a checklist for you!!

PRINT THIS and use it to make sure you remember to do all the things you need to.

There are a few pointers on the checklist to help you be SUPER successful giving your presentation at the World’s Fair. I hope you will try some.

I’m so proud of you all, you have worked very hard! Can’t wait to see it all put together at our World’s Fair!



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