Master February 22: Yearning for the Living God

As you read Yearning for the Living God, take some time to answer in writing the following questions:

  • Look up and write the definition for “yearn”
  • What do you yearn for?
  • On page 96, the author states, “Some who have grown up in the Church have probably never had the opportunity to see or feel the new dimensions of life that suddenly comes to a person in the moment of conversion.” Similarly, President Nelson has asked us to consider what our lives would be without the Book of Mormon and the principles it explains. What are some things that you know or understand that perhaps you take for granted? Has reading the author’s story impacted how you see God?
  • Choose a story from the book that impacted you. Why did this speak to you? What do you want to do differently because of what you have read?

Come to class prepared to share quotes or stories from the book and how they have changed you or your perspective.

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