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Animals! Rookies: April 4, 2024

This week we will explore the world of animals! There are SO MANY different animals [...]


Name Assignment Ellie Song Talmage Prayer Emma Spiritual Thought Anya Pledge and Joke of the [...]

Pirates Past Noon

We’re going to have a pirate week at Vanguard! Instead of destroying ships and looting [...]

Eureka Apprentice: April 4 – Always Remember to Thank Him & Be Good Stewards of all that God has Given Us

This week we’ll be doing a service/conservation project for the city of Salem during all [...]

Journeyman Week 6

It’s our last week together, can you believe it! This last chapter of the book, [...]

Juniors March 28th – Breathing and Circulation

HERE is your checklist for the week! Opening Assignments Name Assignment Talmage Song Emma Prayer [...]