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Fables and More!

Rookies: October 27 – November 2 Here is a printable checklist! FABLES AND MORE **BONUS [...]

October 26th-November 2nd

Opening Assignments Junior Assignment Anya Song Fielding Prayer Millie Spiritual Thought Janie Pledge and Joke [...]

Welcome to Warrior Training!

October 20-26 Opening Exercises: Junior Assignment Fielding Song Millie Prayer Janie Spiritual Thought Hyrum Pledge [...]

History Apprentice Week 2: WW1

We’re stepping away from the United States and stepping into the world, the first ever [...]

October19th-October 26th

HERE IS A CHECKLIST TO PRINT! Opening Assignments Rookie Assignment James Song Melody Prayer John [...]

History Journeyman week 2 (Oct 26): Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919)

Learn what you can about Theodore Roosevelt, starting with this link. Look at additional sources. [...]

October 19, 2023 – Apprentice

✏ Writing Assignment This week you are writing your topic sentences for all 4 of [...]

Welcome to Warrior Training!

October 13- 19 Opening exercises: Rookie Assignment Melody Song John Prayer Joshua Spiritual Thought McKade [...]

Leadership Journeyman – Oct 19, 2023

How is your writing going? Hopefully you have been writing every day. This week I [...]