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Journeyman Feb. 22: Picasso

Pablo Picasso is a much different artist then we have been talking about so far.  [...]

IA Week Three – Apprentice

✏Writing Assignment Write the concluding sentence for all 4 of your four squares in the [...]

Van Gogh Life and Work

Van Gogh This week we are learning about Vincent Van Gogh. He started painting less [...]

Master Jan. 25 “The King & I”

Do all of the following:

Imaginative Arts – Apprentice – Week 2 November 16, 2023

PART ONE – Discover Europe CONTINENT PROJECT: Think about what you would like to learn [...]

Art Nouveau and Art Deco Art Styles – Nov 6th

This week we are looking at the Art Nouveau and Art Deco style. They are [...]

Master Nov 16 “Amazing Grace”

Know: Do all of the following: Understand: Choose one of the following:

Apprentice -Imaginative Arts: October 5

✏ Writing Assignment While you’re watching the video on Asia this week, take notes on [...]

Journeyman: Impressionist Painter – Claude Monet – Oct 5th, 2023

This year we will be learning about artists that lived during our historical time period.  [...]

Master Oct 5 “Race”

Know: Do all of the following: Understand: Bring something that you’ve made to class to [...]