Pirates Past Noon

We’re going to have a pirate week at Vanguard! Instead of destroying ships and looting stolen treasure we’re going to learn about MAPS that lead to treasure and about sunken ships and undersea treasure! (Sorry if looting sounded more fun).

First, finish reading Pirates Past Noon and learn about Jack and Annie’s adventure.

Next, watch this Weird But True video about sunken ships, pirates and undersea treasure.

Next go to this blog and print a treasure chest. Assemble your treasure chest and then either print pictures or draw pictures of YOUR treasures. It could be things like your family or things like your favorite basketball — whatever you feel is really special in your life. Be prepared to share your treasure chest in class and show us your treasures 🙂 Include at least 6 treasures.

Finally, do a project life page! This could be a page where you take photos of your treasures and write about them. You could do a page about your most prized posessionn — who did you get it from? How long have you had it? Why is it special to you?

While you are doing your work have your mom look up these fun songs for you to listen to:

Be Gone Unbelief by Wesley Peters

Heave Away Me Jollies

Wellerman by Nathan Evans

Hoist up the Thing by the Longest Johns

Swab the Deck by Danny Go!

The Bonny Ship the Diamond by Alex Campbell

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