Animals! Rookies: April 4, 2024

This week we will explore the world of animals! There are SO MANY different animals in the world–their variety seems endless.

First, have your mom help you find a video or two of the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, to watch. (Moms, you can search for a whole episode of The Crocodile Hunter, or here is a playlist you could watch one or more short clips from: He seems to have been a truly remarkable person in his ability and willingness to interact with animals most people are afraid of. His level of enthusiasm and positive energy are also legendary!

Next, choose an animal you are interested in to learn about, and come to class ready to share what you learned with us! Make and bring something to show us your animal: print a coloring page and color it, draw a picture of it, make a sculpture of it–anything you can think of!

Last, here’s a fun song called Baby Elephant Walk you can listen to. Does it fit the video of baby elephants walking to you? 🙂 It’s from an old movie called Hatari.

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