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Eureka Apprentice: April 4 – Always Remember to Thank Him & Be Good Stewards of all that God has Given Us

This week we’ll be doing a service/conservation project for the city of Salem during all [...]

Eureka Apprentice: Mar 7 – Remain Deeply Rooted in Living Water

✏Writing Assignment We’re putting it all together and writing the paragraphs that you’ve been preparing [...]

Master Feb. 1 “A Little Princess”

Do all of the following:

Master Jan 4 “Animal Farm”

Do all of the following:

Eureka Apprentice: Sept 14

✏ Writing Assignment Choose one of the biomes that you will be learning about this [...]

Eureka Apprentice: Nov 2

✏ Writing Assignment *CATCH-UP WEEK* Please make sure you are caught up this week or [...]

Master Sept 14 “Gladys Aylward”

Know: Do all of the following: Understand: Choose one of the following:

Master Nov 2 “Spirit of Revelation”

Do all of the following:

Eureka Apprentice: Feb.1, 2024 – We Don’t Need to Know All the Answers

✏Writing Assignment Add connecting words to all four of your 4 squares. Choose a word [...]