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This week I would like you to build a model of a teepee similar to the ones built by the Lakota tribe in our book! You could use any material you like, it could be paper, poster, felt, fur, leather — get creative! I would like you to decorate your teepee with pictures that represent things that matter to you. In the book we learn about things that the Lakota tribe really valued and cared about — what are some things that you really care about? Can you draw pictures or symbols of those things on your teepee?

Bring your model to class and be prepared to show it to the class and tell us all about it!

Finally we have a fun writing assignment with a craft! You can write or dictate to your parent one of two things:

Write about what you learned about the Lakota tribe from reading our book

OR write about what you are thankful for since it’s Thanksgiving time.

Did you know that the first pilgrims received help from the Native Americans and they were able to celebrate their first sucessful harvest in this new world together which became the first Thanksgiving! (there is a great Magic Treehouse Book about that topic too, check it out from your library if you would like to learn more!).

This is what your writing craftivity will look like once you’ve colored it, cut it, glued it and written it:

HERE IS THE LINK to create your Native American writing assignment.

For extra Vanbucks do a Project Life page all about how your family celebrates Thanksgiving! Who do you celebrate with? What foods do you make? What traditions do you have? What are you thankful for?

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