Art Nouveau and Art Deco Art Styles – Nov 6th

This week we are looking at the Art Nouveau and Art Deco style. They are very opposite art designs.

Art Nouveau

Here are a few videos

Write down a few characteristics of the Art Nouveau form

Look through these images of Art Nouveau stain glass


Art Deco

Watch these videos

Write down a few characteristics of Art Deco 

Look at some Art Deco stain glass designs


Now we are going to make a stain glass project. Before you come to class, decide which art style you like best.  Then take a 8 X 10 piece of paper (that is the size of a piece of printer paper) and draw the outline of a stain glass in the style you like best. You are just drawing out the black part of the stain glass.

So if you like Art Nouveau best your stain glass would be curvy and flowery. Something like this. If you like art deco your drawing will have more straight lines. Your stain glass design will look more like this.

Remember you are just drawing the black outline of the stain glass. Use the whole paper and make sure to leave a lot of white space. Try to make the design pretty simple. In class we will be laying it under a piece of glass, tracing the lines with black paint and then coloring in the blank spaces with stain glass paint. So don’t forget the drawing!! It is really important.

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