September 21st

Assignments for Opening!

JayneSpiritual Thought
JamesPledge/Joke of the Day
MelodyShow and Tell

Especially for Rookies!

Bring your favorite stuffed animal to Vanguard!

  1. Put him/ her in a bag so nobody can see it!
  2. Write 5 hints about what kind of animal is in the bag.  
  3. Look around your room.  Do you have anything that could be given as a prize for whomever guesses your animal? Maybe a little toy? Or a treat?  (If you can’t find something, I’ll have a prize for you to give.)
  4. Bring it to Vanguard! We are going to try to guess your animal! And remember! Don’t let anyone see!

Take a walk!

Walk around your neighborhood, a park, or any other place you go. Look for treasures! It might be a beautiful rock, an interesting seed from a tree, a pinecone or something else. Collect a few things this week and bring them to show us!

Practice your map songs 🙂 Oceans and Continents and United States

Read Magic Treehouse, Night of the Ninja!


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