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God’s Might Warrior Training: Courage

Welcome to your first week of warrior training! This week we will be focusing on a very important characteristic of warriors- COURAGE! (Click the link to find out what courage really is)

You will complete 3 tasks this week in order to develop your first skill as a warrior.

Print this page and cross off your tasks as you complete them.


Read this story about a boy named Brayden, who had the courage to change the world at just 5 years old. Then do the following:

  • Sometimes we think that because we are young, we can’t really do anything big and important, but that’s just not true! Brayden noticed that there were many homeless people who were often very hungry, without any money to buy food. What problems have you noticed in the world? This could be anything; endangered animals, teaching people about Christ, helping children who do not have money for books, teaching kids how to stand up to bullies, helping homeless pets find their forever family, or decreasing pollution. Have the courage to think big!
  • Now that you have a problem in mind, brainstorm ways you could help with this problem.
  • Create your own truck that will help you solve your problem. This can be in the form of a drawing, a painting, a 3D cardboard replica, a clay model, or anything you’d like. Be sure to think about the design of your truck, and how it will help your cause. For example, Brayden put uplifting scriptures on his truck to bring people happiness and hope. 
  • Print and complete this worksheet about your plan to be courageous and change the world.
  • Bring your worksheet and truck to Vanguard on Thursday in order to present your ideas to your class.


Watch this read aloud of a book titled Bravery Soup. Then do the following:

  • Think about all the things the fox took with him on his journey because he was afraid. If you need help remembering, skip to 2:23 on the video. He took 4 things with him. But he didn’t end up needing them. What did he do instead of using these things?
  • Ask your parents to tell you about 2 things you used to avoid because you were afraid, but now you are courageous.  Have them tell you 2 of the same things about themselves. 
  • Now, think of something you don’t want to do because you are afraid.  Maybe you’re afraid to stand up to someone who is being mean, or maybe you are afraid to talk to your friends about Christ. You might be afraid to tell the truth about something you’ve done, or to tell the truth about how you feel. Having courage doesn’t mean you aren’t afraid, it means you do it anyway, even if you are afraid. 
  • Print this bowl to make your own Bravery Soup. In your bowl, write or draw at least 3 ways you can face this fear, or steps you can take to overcome it. Hang the bowl where you can see it every day, and work towards conquering that fear. 


Choose one (or more, if you want) of the courageous people below, and learn more about them. Then complete one of the activities I listed.  After you finish, tell a grandparent how you will be courageous like the person you studied.  Bring your activity (coloring page, diorama, sling shot etc) to Vanguard on Thursday and be prepared to teach us about the person you studied.

Courageous PersonLearn MoreActivity
The Good Samaritan Video 1, Video 2 (for younger kids)
Read Luke 10:25-37
Discuss as a family: How can we have the courage to do the right thing, even when nobody else is doing it?
Ask for your family of examples of times when they had the courage to do what is right.
Coloring Page
Read Esther 2-8
Discuss as a family: how does God use ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things? How can you let God know that you are willing to be used to accomplish His work?
Activity Page
Jesus in the Garden of GethsemaneIt took unimaginable courage for Jesus to endure all of the suffering that took place in the Garden of Gethsemane. You can read about His courage here.
Watch this video.
Discuss as a family: how does Christ’s courage show me how much He loves me?
Gethsemane Diorama
David who battled GoliathVideo
Picture Story

*Note: SLING SHOT REQUIRES PARENT SUPERVISION, but its a lot of fun! After your sling shot is complete, make a bullseye that has words describing things that take courage to stand up against- like bullying, lying, stealing, being unkind, gossiping, and selfishness. Practice shooting your pretend rock at the bullseye, and see how many times you can hit it.
Make a replica of David’s sling shot*

Here is a simpler one.

REMEMBER WARRIORS: To be a true warrior in God’s army, you must have the courage to stand up for what is right, even when it’s scary.

Language Arts

You have 4 assignments this week 🙂

  1. Copywork
  2. Project Life: What is your favorite color?  Write about it!  Why is it your favorite?  How does it make you feel?  Take pictures of a few things that are your favorite color.
  3. Watch this video and write an interesting sentence:

I love colorful adjectives.  I think it is one of the greatest tools for better writing.  Great, descriptive words can bring your writing to life!! For example:

The house looked creepy.

That is sort of a boring sentence.  Why did it look creepy?  What if I added adjectives that described the house?

The dark, dreary house looked haunted with its gnarled trees and old, creaky steps.

Aww! That’s a better sentence!  What a difference a few adjectives make!  

You try.  Read the sentence below.  Then rewrite them with interesting synonyms.

The monster looked mean.

(If you can’t think of synonyms for mean, you can google it, or look it up in a Thesaurus.)  Read the original sentence, “The monster looked mean” to your family. Now read them the new sentence you wrote. What did they think? Do they like your sentence better?

4. Go to your family members and raise your right hand, proclaiming, “I promise to never write a really dull sentence ever again. Words like “nice, cool, fun” will be replaced with words that are more descriptive.” (Ha ha!!!)

Juniors: Don’t forget to keep reading Candy Shop Wars! If you are reading this on Friday September 15, you have 12 days left to finish. You can do it!

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