September 14, 2023


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Language Arts:

You have 3 assignments for Language Arts this week:

  1. Copywork.
  2. Project Life: Being outside is wonderful! What does your yard look like? Describe it. Where are your favorite spots to play? Where is your favorite spot to relax? Do you have a favorite flower? Tree? Tell all about it! Take pictures of your yard.
  1. Fill in your Calendar! The month is September. Put the 1 on Friday!
    There are 30 days this month.
    Do you have family members with a September birthday? Put it on!
    Mark Vanguard on every Thursday.
    Mark the Sabbath on each Sunday.
    What else is going on this month? Ask your parents and mark it on your calendar!


Did you get the joke? Ha ha.

You have 4 geography assignments for this week:

  1. Listen to the Ocean and Continent song. Listen to it a lot! In the car, while you eat breakfast and during math maybe? Memorize the song and be able to find the oceans and continents on a blank map.
  2. Start listening to the United States Song. Memorize the song and be able to find each of the states on a blank map. Two songs is a lot to memorize but we’ll work on this one next month too, so just do your best!
  3. Click on this document. Sign up for a presentation! Research your topic and prepare a way to teach the rest of the class about it. Be creative! Remember, it has to be shorter than 5 minutes!) If there isn’t anything on this list that interests you, feel free to choose your own topic; any person, place or thing that is United States related. )
  4. Books! Read books that have to do with the United States, Ocean Life or anything else that is geography related. Maybe your mom ordered some books? Maybe you are going to go to the library? Chances are you have a few on your book shelf! I love to learn with picture books, even as an adult!
  5. Watch a movie! Maybe a family movie night! Ask your parents permission first. And I hope everyone watches at least one documentary. They can be so dazzling 🙂
    • Finding Nemo
    • Moana
    • Octonauts Under the Sea
    • Wild Kratts Ocean Explorers
    • Free Willy
    • Flipper
    • Gulliver’s Travels
    • Dolphin Tale
    • Ocean (documentary on Disney Plus)
    • There are so many beautiful ocean documentaries. Look wherever you stream.
    • Magic School Bus Ocean

Book Club

Juniors: Are you reading “Candy Shop Wars” by Brandon Mull? The book party is on Sept. 28th. It’s a pretty long book but you can do it! Commit to reading everyday and you’ll be amazed how quickly you can read a big book!

Rookies: Read Night of the Ninja! You have until October 5th, but you can get started on it!

For Class

First, we’ll do presentations. Then we will test you on your map skills for Continents and Oceans.

After, we are having a luau!! You can dress for the occasion if you have anything like that. If not, no worries. I have lei’s and a few grass skirts. We’ll eat tropical food and some may want to help me decorate for the occasion.

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