Juniors October 5 – Cells, DNA, and Genes

Opening Assignments:

Janie Song
VilateSpiritual Thought
LucyPledge and Joke of the Day
TalmageShow and Tell
EmmaKnowledge Share
AnyaWord of the Day
FieldingLead Map Song
MillieTreasurer and Snack

Reading Assignment:

  • Read pages 7-15
  • Pick out 1 new fact that you think is interesting (be ready to share)

Inside a Cell

DNA & Genetics

Comparing Genetics with Ancestors

Go to familysearch.org > sign in > activities > compare-a-face

This activity works great on a smartphone so you can take a picture right then and there.

They will give you several different ancestors that you look similar to.

Pick one to learn about.

Teach us about them:

  • What genetic similarities do you notice?
  • Are there stories about them? If so, can you find any similarities in your lifestyle or personality?
  • Any other fun facts you want to share?
  • Bring a picture of them!

Here’s the PDF with all of your assignments for this week:

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