Night of the Ninja!

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Language Arts:

For your Project Life journaling page we are going to write about your hobby! What is one of your hobbies? Why do you like this hobby?  How does it make you feel?  Are you motivated to get better at it?  How are you doing that?  Is there equipment that you have or want for it?  

Take pics of things that have to do with your hobby.  Take a selfie of you doing it or have someone else take the picture for you. 

This week for rookies we will be having an entire morning full of Ninja fun! To be prepared for class you need to do the following three activities:

  1. Finish reading “Night of the Ninja” if you haven’t already. Be prepared to act out your favorite part of the book for us to guess in a game of charades so have your idea ready!
  2. Write a story! You can either write the story by yourself or tell your mom a story you make up and she will write it down for you on this sheet below. (Your story can go on the back of the page, make it as long as your creativity wants!). You get to write a made-up story all about a ninja. Some ideas for your story could be: If you were a ninja for a day what would you do? Write a story about a ninja who has a mission to rescue a cat (or any animal!). Write a step-by-step story about how you can become a ninja. Pretend you met a ninja in your backyard — what do they look like? What are they doing in your yard? Do you need to help them?
  3. On the left side of the page draw your ninja! We really like using drawing tutorials, here is one I found online (Moms: Be prepared to pause it a lot because they can go kind of fast) : or this one: (If you need more space, draw your ninja on another paper and cut it out and glue it into the drawing spot!)

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