Apprentice -Imaginative Arts: October 5

✏ Writing Assignment

While you’re watching the video on Asia this week, take notes on it with the charting method. Make sure you have at least 3 subtopics and 2 details about each subtopic and add as much detail as possible.


TRACI’S STORY ABOUT THIS PHOTO: I wanted to find a picture from Asia that represents a creation of God and a creation of man in the same photo. Then I remembered Daewangam Park, with it’s beautiful rock formations and impressive bridge, and also home to TWO side-by-side lighthouses. I used to visit this beautiful park in Korea whenever I had a chance! (I could walk there from my apartment.) Learn more here about how Japan placed one lighthouse here, but tried to hide it. (Optional)

PART ONE – Discover Asia

  1. Watch this VIDEO overview about Asia. (3 minutes)
  2. What is considered Asia?
    • This area includes the largest and most populous continent, encompassing countries such as China, India, Japan, Russia, and many others. It is known for its ancient civilizations, diverse landscapes, and significant economic and technological developments.
  3. CONTINENT PROJECT: Think about what you would like to learn more about in Asia. Spend 1-2 hours learning about a creation that interests you, either a creation of God’s or something made by man, find information about the topic and create a short 2 minute presentation to be presented in class.
    1. Sign up for the topic you want to present on. The list has lots of ideas you can choose from, but you are welcome to choose something that is NOT on the list, if you think of something that isn’t in the sign-up document check with Traci, likely we can add it. SIGN UP HERE.
    2. Identify on a map (you can use this map or choose your own) which area in Asia that your project is from:


What can you create?

  1. Read or Watch Conference talk: Happiness, Your Heritage by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf (22 minutes)
  2. We will be doing a YEAR LONG project this year with a chance to put it on display at the end of the school year at our own WORLD’S FAIR for your families to see and appreciate.
    • Each week you will be asked to spend 1 1/2 hours on your project, so by the end of the school year this will be a 9 hour project that you have completed.
    • IDEAS: Your year long project may be something you are writing, a book, poetry, a song, a or a play.  Maybe you want to make a commercial about Vanguard to recruit students for next year. Maybe you want to do computer coding. It could be something you are sewing, painting, sculpting, building, crafting, cooking, etc. Maybe you love to write AND cook so you create a cookbook. (Pretty sure there is a Journeyman class all about publishing books.) Maybe you are interested in welding, maybe you want to create your own business. Maybe you’ve always wanted to make up a game! It can be anything as long as you are passionate about it. The sky’s the limit.
    • HOW TO TELL IF YOUR PROJECT IDEA IS A GOOD IDEA: When you are deciding what you want to focus on for a whole year ask yourself, is it virtuous, lovely of good report or praiseworthy?
  3. The first step for this week will be brainstorming project ideas, selecting a project and coming up with a baby step list of all you will need to do to complete the project.

Still not sure? What is something you love to do or to learn about? (art, science, math, crafts, cooking, health, dance, community service. building, war, fashion etc!) Then ask yourself HOW can I take that interest and learn more about? Finally, ask yourself what can I CREATE with my talent and the knowledge I will gain. 

This week I want you to choose your project and spend time planning out what supplies you will need, what steps you need to take to complete the project and any help you might need to accomplish the project.

Get your mom’s ok on the project before coming to class because you may need her help with buying supplies and such. 

I want each of you to share your project idea in class so be prepared! 

P.S. If you are still stuck print out and read over this document, you will find some great suggestions and ideas to help you pick a project.

P.P.S. Since we are focusing on Asia this month come prepared to experience our version of Chuseok, The Harvest Moon Festival!! I hope you like food and games.

See you soon!!

Traci : )


Below are things you need to be working on now to get ready for our play, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.

What do I need to do?

  1. Choose/design your costume. Read the description about your character and use that to get ideas about what you should wear. (ATTENTION: you need your costumes by October 12, we will be doing promotional photos that day.) We will be approving your costumes at NEXT Vanguard on October 5)
    1. ANGELS: Fall is a great time to look for angel wings, usually available as a Halloween costumes, you may have good luck at DI.
    2. Ask if you need help, we’re a large group and we have a lot of resources among us.
  2. Start memorizing your lines, We want lines memorized by NOVEMBER 2!!!  Mark this on your calendar! Aim to memorize 20%-25% of your lines every week between now and November 2.


Gather you COSTUME(S)

Memorize your lines. 

REMEMBER – photo shoot October 12!!  You need your costumes for this!!  That is two weeks away.

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