History Journeyman week 2 (Oct 26): Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919)

Learn what you can about Theodore Roosevelt, starting with this link. Look at additional sources. What was his childhood like? What life experiences defined him? How did he become president? What was important to him while he was in office? Why was he awarded a Nobel Prize? What did he do with the prize money? What character traits mattered to him? What legacy did he leave?

Print this quote from Roosevelt’s speech titled “Citizenship in a Republic” and commit as much to memory as possible. There are a number of Youtube Videos that you can listen to a you work to commit it to memory. This one (without subtitles) or This one (just words with voice over), for example.

Can you think of examples of critics and “doer[s] of deed[s]”? Which role do you tend to play? Is there something in your life that you need to commit more effort to? What is holding you back?

Select one of his speeches below to print and study. Look up and define 10 unfamiliar words. Mark meaningful passages. Come to class prepared to share your thoughts. (Studying more than one speech will earn you additional van bucks! Someone remind me that I posted that…)

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