October19th-October 26th


Opening Assignments

JohnSpiritual Thought
JoshuaPledge and Joke of the Day
McKadeShow and Tell


  1. Now that we know the Continents and Oceans of the world we are moving on to The United States! Our home! Memorize the United States of America song. CLICK HERE! It’s not too hard to do if you listen to it a few times a day. The song goes in order of where the states are on the map. Smart! Once you memorize the song, you can practice on your map with the States filled in and then practice on the other side that is blank.
  2. Pick a topic to present on from THIS LIST. Put your name by the topic you want and be prepared to teach us about it in a way that is fun. You will need to research a bit. Find what is interesting about your landmark or person. You can build a Lego model, create a story, a poster, or any other way to teach us what you learned about your topic.
  3. Books! Check out books on the United States from the library. Ask your mom. She may have a few available for you. It would be fun to have books on National Symbols, National Parks, famous Americans, or any part of American History. Picture books are my favorite way to learn!
  4. Watch these two videos.
    • The State Flags Look at the flags for each of the 50 states. Which is your favorite?
    • God Bless the USA I love this song! I feel so grateful to be an American.
  5. Movie Time! I’ll give your mom a few ideas on some fun American movies to watch!

In class we are going to have a few activities to celebrate America! Do you know that the United States is called a “Melting Pot?” That means that we are made up of different peoples. Americans are Japanese, European, Chinese, Mexican, African and any other ethnicity! Think about it- People came from all over the world to pursue the American Dream. A melting pot! People from all over, melted together as Americans! One thing we’ll do is make a melting pot (of food) to help us remember that Americans are made up of people whose ancestors lived all over the world.

Language Arts

  1. Project Life:

We did a page of your favorite things.

How about a page of some of the things you dislike?

What is the worst movie you have ever seen?

What food do you detest?

What is your greatest pet peeve?

What sort of things happen in order for you to feel like you had a “bad day?”

2 . Copywork

3. Book Club: Read Buffalo Before Breakfast

For Class

In class we will do opening and then we will have you present on your U.S.A. topics.

Then we are having a Halloween Party! Don’t wear your costume to Vanguard, instead bring it in a sack and we will change after class!

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