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Rookies: October 27 – November 2

Here is a printable checklist!


  1. Listen to and watch this youth orchestra perform this musical piece, “Danse Macabre,” by Camille Saint-Saens. My family likes to listen to this piece around Halloween! We like to play it nice and loud on the sound system. 😉 The inspiration for the song was [something like . . . ] the composer thinking, “what would a bunch of skeletons and ghosts do if they all got together Halloween night and started dancing and running around the town, and then at the end of the night they all lay back down at dawn for their eternal (until the Resurrection!🙏) slumber?”

**BONUS (optional, and moms/other siblings might also enjoy): HERE is a little audio you can listen to (the black audio bar on this page; the video is another version of the song) that tells the story of the song in more detail than I did. I linked above that particular arrangement/performance of the song for you, instead of the one on this story page, because I really like how the youth orchestra decided to use even more xylophone-type instruments for the main melody lines of the song instead of the other instruments as written. Really gives it that extra skeleton “sumthin’ sumthin'” to me! Feel free to listen to both versions and let us know what you think in class . . . or moms, to me anytime. 😉👍

  1. Pick at least one of these Aesop’s Fables to watch/listen to from the list of links below (click on name of fable for link to video). You can watch/listen to more than one, or all of them if you’d like (they’re quite short!), but then you get to pick one and be the storyteller! Retell it to a parent and/or someone else in your family. In class, we will have some fun acting out some of the fables. The Crow and the Pitcher , Belling the Cat , The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse , The Heron , The Lion and the Mouse
  1. Click on THIS LINK, enjoy browsing through the artwork about celebrations, and pick a painting that you are interested in and/or like. Look closely at it for a couple minutes (or more!), relishing all the details. Print it if you can, (or have your mom text the link to me in telegram and I will print it for you!!), and in class we will hang up a little art gallery for everyone to visit.


  1. Project Life: How about making a page about Halloween! You could ask your mom to help you get a picture from Telegram of our class party last week if you want to. Add any other stories and pictures of you and your family and friends’ costumes, events you go to, things you do, etc. that you would like to.
  2. Copywork
  3. Keep reading Buffalo Before Breakfast, and/or any other read aloud with your family, and/or personal reading. Just enjoy some reading one way or another!! 😉🤩 (Also, I noticed Buffalo Before Breakfast is really inexpensive on Audible and about 40 minutes long!)


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