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Leadership Journeyman Feb 15, 2024 #2

We’re getting closer to publishing our books! You should all have your peer edits back [...]

Master Feb. 15 “Oliver”

Do all of the following:

January 18, 2024 – Apprentice

✏Writing Assignment Fill out the other three 4-square sheets (on Asia, lines & your ancestor) [...]

Leadership Jan 18 Journeyman

This week you should have a rough draft of your book done. What else does [...]

Master Jan 18 “The Last Battle”

Know: Do all of the following: Understand: How is what happened to Narnia similar to [...]

October 19, 2023 – Apprentice

✏ Writing Assignment This week you are writing your topic sentences for all 4 of [...]

Leadership Journeyman – Oct 19, 2023

How is your writing going? Hopefully you have been writing every day. This week I [...]

Master Oct 19 “Chariots of Fire”

Know: Do all of the following: Understand: Choose one of the following:

September 28, 2023 – Apprentice

✏ Writing Assignment While you’re watching the video on lines this week, take notes on [...]

Journeyman Sept 28 – You Must Write a Book!

Assignments for September 26 Read the following chapters from You Must Write a Book by [...]