Welcome to Warrior Training!

October 20-26

Opening Exercises:

JanieSpiritual Thought
HyrumPledge and Joke of the Day
VilateShow and Tell
LucyKnowledge Share
TalmageLead Map Song
EmmaWord of the Day

A Note from Sister Garrett:

Welcome, mighty warriors! I’m so thankful you’re here, and you’re willing to learn how to fight in the Lord’s army! He needs you to be prepared to battle Satan every day. One very important characteristic you’ll need to be an effective part of the Lord’s mighty army is GRATITUDE! This week you will participate in some meaningful activities to help you turn your heart to God, full of praise and thanksgiving! I’m excited to go on this journey with you!

~Activity #1~

We cannot talk about training for God’s army without talking about our perfect example: Jesus Christ. Kiddos, I want you to learn about Him because He is AMAZING! He is my absolute best friend in the whole world and He wants to be yours too. It is my hope that you will never go another day without thanking Him for His unthinkable sacrifice He made for you, thanking Him for His perfect love that surrounds you every day, and thanking Him for His peace that He offers you as a gift, anytime you want it.

Let’s take some time to learn more about your brother, who loves you perfectly, exactly as you are at this moment.

The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes
First, snuggle up with a parent, grandparent, or older sibling and get rid of all distractions while you read John 6:1-14 together. If you have permission, use colored pencils to draw a small picture of a loaf of bread and a fish next to this story in your scriptures.
Next, listen to this story by scrolling down and pressing the big purple play button. After you listen to the whole story, rewind to 1:15 and really pay attention to what Jesus does when the boy hands him the food. What does Jesus do next? Who does He thank for the food? What does he say after He says thanks?
While still snuggled up, talk about these questions:
1. This story is about an incredible gift from God, but Jesus’ prayer of gratitude came BEFORE the miracle. What can we learn from that?
2. Why did Jesus stop to thank Heavenly Father for such a tiny amount of food? Surely Jesus was hoping for enough to feed everyone, but 5 loaves and 2 fishes were not enough. Why didn’t He complain?
3. Talk about a way you can be more like your Savior and thank the Lord for the small things in your life, even if they aren’t as big as you might hope. What might happen in your heart if you learn to be thankful for the small things?

Thank you for taking the time to really learn about your Savior. I promise that as you continue to try to learn more about Him, and become more like Him, your heart will be filled with JOY!!!! And you will feel incredible peace.

~Activity #2~

Are you familiar with the book of Psalms (pronounced “saams“, the P and the L are silent)? It’s a very unique book that focuses on expressing thanks to Heavenly Father and praising Him for His goodness, and it’s written kind of like poetry. It’s a really fun book! I’d like you to get your bible and open up to Psalms 100. Read it, then complete the following:

  1. Choose one or more of the following coloring pages and print them. Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, or Page 4.
  2. Put on this youtube playlist to listen to while you color.
  3. Pay attention to the songs while you color, and choose your favorite song from the playlist.
  4. Write the name of the song, and why you like it on the back of your coloring page.
  5. Bring the page to class to share with us.

~Activity #3~

This activity is very simple, but it can help you create peace in your family.

Write a note of gratitude to each member of your immediate family (moms, dads, brothers, and sisters). You can either create your own letter, or use this template. Then, hide it under their pillow so they find it when they go to bed. Pay close attention to how you feel when you write the letters, and when you hide them. Come to class prepared to share how this made you feel.

~Activity #4~

Get a blank piece of lined paper, and write one number on each line, 1-50. Then set a timer for 10 minutes. When the timer starts, list everything you are grateful for. This is a speed challenge to write as many as you can before the timer goes off! Once you are finished, I want you to challenge your family members (the ones old enough to write) to do the same thing. You will get an extra vanbuck if you can get 4 family members to complete this challenge! Have them initial your gratitude list when they’ve completed the challenge, and bring your list to class.

That’s it, warriors! I am so very proud of you. But more importantly, your Heavenly Father is proud of you. I want you to remember how much He loves you. You are precious to Him. You matter to Him. He’s given you this beautiful world as a gift because He loves you. Go out and enjoy it, and give Him thanks for it! Your keyword is gratitude.

Language Arts:

  1. Project Life: We did a page of your favorite things. How about a page of some of the things you dislike? What is the worst movie you have ever seen? What food do you detest? What is your greatest pet peeve? What sort of things happen in order for you to feel like you had a “bad day?”
  2. New book club book! A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens.
  3. Copywork

Here is your printable checklist for the week, enjoy!

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