Rookies Feb 1, 2024: Stories and More

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Stories, Stories, Stories

  1. First, enjoy listening to this story by Rudyard Kipling, who wrote another story you might have heard of: The Jungle Book! This story is called “How the Whale Got His Throat.” To read it, you can listen to THIS classic audio version (see if you can recognize the narrator’s voice from something you may have watched at Christmastime!) and/or you can do a read aloud with someone in your family from THIS digital copy of a beautiful old book version (it’s the first story in the book).
  2. Second, HERE are some stories from Japan that John has been enjoying and wanted to share with you all after our Asia week with Sister Pulley! Listen to as many as you want with your mom’s permission (moms, check out the notes written with each story to decide which you would like to listen to–a couple are a little bit creepy, although those are John’s favorites!). Sign up HERE to retell or act out one of the stories to us in class! Practice at home so you know how you want to tell it or act it and make it fun for us to watch/listen to your storytelling! If two people sign up for the same story, that will be fine, and you can tell it together in class. P.S., John says that whichever stories you pick to tell us, he wanted you to know that his favorites were Schippeitaro, The Goblin Spider, The Boy Who Loved to Draw Cats, The Old Woman Who Lost Her Dumpling, The Enchanted Tea Kettle, The Lady Beaming Bright, Master Snotty Nose . . . okay, basically all of them, but this is at least the order he told them to me in. 😉
  3. Thirdly and finally, here is some music for you to enjoy this week. Moms, don’t feel like these have to be sit-down-and-pay-perfect-attention experiences; you can just turn one on when the moment’s right. Hope they bring some beauty and fun to your week!

Benjamin Britten’s “Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra” in the short film “Red and the Kingdom of Sound” (This is a Fantasia-ish short film)

a fast and crazy one all in Brass “Flight of the Bumblebee” Canadian Brass

another speedy one William Tell Overture Tokyo Philharmonic

. . . and something beautiful to play in the background of a morning that needs a little joy, lol!

Language Arts

  1. Copywork
  2. Project Life: Make a page all about an animal or animals that you really like! Have you ever seen this animal in real life? In the wild? In a zoo? Where did you learn about it or hear about it? Why do you like this animal? Do you have any stories or experiences about it that you know or remember? You could add some pictures of your animal from online or that you took or drew.
  3. Calendar: Fill in your Calendar!  Put the 1 on Thursday! There are 29 days this month. Do you have family members with a February birthday?  Put it on! Valentine’s Day is on February 14th.  Vanguard Valentine Party will be on February 15th.  Leap Day is on February 29th.  Mark the Sabbath on each Sunday.  What else is going on this month?  Ask your parents and mark it on your calendar!
  4. This year is Leap Year!  Do you know why we have Leap Year?  Check out this video: Leap Year for Kids

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