Juniors October 19: America’s National Parks!

Checklist for this week’s class

HyrumSpiritual Thought
VilatePledge and Joke of the Day
LucyShow and Tell
TalmageKnowledge Share
EmmaLead Map Song
AnyaWord of the Day
FieldingTreasurer and Snack

Did you know that there are 63 national parks in the United States, including the “Mighty 5” in Utah? Which ones have you visited? Which ones would you like to visit? Select a national park that you have never been to and learn about it. How would you get there? How long would it take? What sites would you want to see?

Choose a park to research and prepare a commercial for class. You can present this however you want: a slide show, a video, an oral report, etc. Include pictures, if possible, and tell us why you chose this destination. What states will you cross to get there? Share some history of the park. Have fun learning about it!

Language Arts

  1. Project Life:

Do a page of some of your favorite things! Just a reminder that each page should have a title.  This page could be titled, “My Favorite Things!”

What is your favorite book? Favorite thing to eat? Favorite game to play? Favorite thing to do with your family? Favorite song? Favorite spot to sit?

Write all about your favorite things. You will probably want to take up at least 2 text boxes with all the details about the things you love most! Be sure to take a few pictures of your favorite things!

2. Happy Birthday, Millie! Actually, her birthday is not until Oct. 23rd, but we are going to make her a card this week! Make sure you write a note on her card and let her know what you appreciate about her.

3. Calendar! Fill in your calendar for October! Put the 1 on Sunday! There are 31 days this month. Do you have family members with an October birthday?  Put it on!

Mark Vanguard on every Thursday. 

Halloween is on October 31st. 

Mark the Sabbath on each Sunday. 

What else is going on this month?  Ask your parents and mark it on your calendar!

Book Club

Finish reading A Place to Hang the Moon. It’s a fun adventure! You will love it!

Our next book will be one of my all time favorite stories, Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Please be sure that you have that book available.

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