Journeyman: Impressionist Painter – Claude Monet – Oct 5th, 2023

This year we will be learning about artists that lived during our historical time period.  The first artist we will be learning about is the French artist Claude Monet. 

Learn about Monet here

What was different about the subjects Monet painted?

Write in your common place book the answers to these questions.

What was different about the techniques Monet used?

See where Monet lived here. Hint is beautiful!!

Did he become famous while still alive?

What did he do to his studio to make it work on raining days?

What sizes of paintings did Monet paint?

What other kind of art did he enjoy and collect?

This is a quote from Artist Pursuits, Home school, Book 1

Claude Monet is one of the best-known Impressionist painters today. His work can be found in many museums throughout the world. Impressionists often worked outdoors. Monet was consistent in the way his worked, however as he aged the brushstrokes became looser and colors were more vibrant due to failing eyesight. His habit was to gather many canvases and work for brief periods on the same canvas in the same location at the same time each day. When the light changed, he moved on to the next canvas and location. In this way, Monet felt he captured the true light in a moment of time. Monet consistently made portraits, landscapes, cityscapes and flower paintings. As his popularity grew, he was able to rent and eventually purchase land in Giverny. The barn became his studio and he worked for the rest of his life on paintings of the area. He redirected water, planted gardens, built a Japanese bridge, and built a greenhouse and second (and third) studio with skylights. He eventually hired seven gardeners to keep up with his plans. At Giverny, he painted the water lilies series the he is famous for.

To do: Go outside and find something in nature to study. It can be a tree, bush, the mountain –anything as long as it is staying put. Observe and sketch it in the morning, afternoon and evening light and be ready to report to us what interesting things you observed.

To do: Look Monet’s work here!#filterName:all-paintings-chronologically,resultType:masonry

They are in chronically order from the earliest to the latest paintings he painted.  How did his style change?

Be ready to have fun creating! We are going to explore art and experiment with paints. It will be so fun. Please text me at 801-709-3603 by Tuesday to let me know if you are coming so I have enough materials prepared

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