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Can you do a Christmas page?  It’s one of my favorite times of the year!  What are your favorite traditions?  What did your family do that was memorable for you?  Is there a gift that you gave someone that you absolutely knew was perfect for them?

Another fun page would be to create a page for 2024! What are the things that you hope to accomplish this year? What are you looking forward to?

If you haven’t made Vilate a birthday card, do that! We’ll gather them on Thursday!

Our January Book Club book is Ernest Shakleton, chosen by Hyrum and Vilate! Get reading!

Are you working on your Geography Songs?  I hope you are listening often!  It is so easy to memorize things when we set words to music.  By now you should know Continents and Oceans and all of the states in the United States. 

 This month we are studying Asia!  Listen to this song (CLICK HERE) that has all the countries of Asia.  Once you have it memorized you can find the countries on a map and before long, you’ll know them all!  

I have a map that has the countries on one side and is blank on the other to practice with. I keep forgetting to give them to you.  Please remind me 🙂

There are so many countries in Asia!  Can you choose one and research its culture and history?   Be prepared to share with us some interesting things.   For example, if I chose China, I might talk about their government, Panda Bears, or the history of silkworms. 

If I chose Vietnam, I might talk about the Vietnam War, their jungles, or the fact there are thousands of islands around it. 

If I chose India, I might talk about the TajMahal, Gandhi or Hinduism.

Teach us about it in a way that is fun. You can build a Lego model of something interesting about your country, create a story, a poster, a game, make some food, or any other way to teach us what you learned about your topic.

Check out books on Asia from the library. Ask your mom. She may have a few already available for you. Picture books are my favorite way to learn!  Here are a few I suggested that your mom may have purchased. 

The Empty Pot

 Ling and Ting

Grandfather Ghandi

Inside Out and Back Again (Free on Audible)

Look What Came From China

Boys Without Names (This book is longer.  Our family is doing this as a read-a-loud.)

Ask your parents first, but a few I would recommend are:

China: Mulan, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Kung Fu Panda

Russia: Anastasia, The Russians are Coming 

India: Mother Teresa

Thailand: The King and I

Vietnam: Operation Dumbo Drop

China: The Amazing Panda Adventure

After presentations we are going to focus on China!  We’ll eat Chinese food, fortune cookies, light off some fireworks, try to draw our names in Chinese and make a dragon for Chinese New Year. We’ll also get our picture taken with Chinese Lanterns. 

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