I’m crazy excited to introduce to you the warrior attribute you will be developing this week: PEACEMAKING!

In God’s Mighty Army, it is required that you learn how to be a skilled peacemaker. In fact, the greatest person I know, Jesus Christ, is a perfect example of being a peacemaker. Cool fact: we can learn almost everything we need to know from our brother Jesus! Isn’t that amazing?

Your project this week has 3 parts. The more effort and thought you put into it, the more you will learn.

LEARN: First, I’d like you to find 4 stories from Jesus’ life that demonstrate peacemaking. You may need your parents’ help to find these stories in the Bible. Fill in each quadrant of this worksheet with a different story. You can use drawing or writing to tell the story.

CREATE: Choose your favorite story from your quadrant worksheet. Find a quiet place and put on some peaceful music about Christ. I like this playlist on Spotify. Create a work of art that tells the story of Christ that you chose from your quadrant worksheet! I want this to be a fun and enjoyable experience for you, where you connect with your Savior and the lessons He taught you about being a peacemaker. You can use clay, paint, colored pencils, Legos, cardboard, magazine clippings, or literally anything else that makes you excited to create!

BECOME: After you have completed your work of art, please spend some time on this activity. Come prepared to share everything you worked on. Sign up for your presentation here.

Bonus Vanbuck: Share your work of art with a friend, and tell them the story it portrays.

I can’t wait to see and hear your presentations! It will be a wonderful way to start the year. Speaking of starting the year, we have an incredible opportunity to learn more about Christ through reading the Book of Mormon. If you haven’t started yet, that’s okay! You can jump right into 1st Nephi and read more about how to be brave, valiant, and faithful. One of my favorite things about the Book of Mormon is how it teaches us how to have happy, peaceful lives. Isn’t that great?!

Here is your printable checklist. I can’t wait to see you all Thursday! -Sister Garrett

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