Master Oct 5 “Race”


Do all of the following:

  1. Watch the movie “Race” about Jesse Owens. This movie is rated PG-13 and I realize that every family has different rules about movie ratings so you can choose to read a book about Jesse Owens instead and still attend masters class. I’ll be both reading “Who Was Jesse Owens” and watching the movie this week.
  2. Choose one of the characters and analyze their actions and the consequences of their actions over time. What truths/principles were they living or not living that resulted in what happened to them? (for example look for things like courage, selfishness, forgiveness, loyalty, tolerance, etc.)
  3. Where else do we see evidence of this principle/truth that you found in the movie? Find one reference in another piece of literature, your scriptures, or life experience of someone you know or have read about that backs up this principle.
  4. Choose 1 way you can apply this principle in your life to better live it. (Or if you’re living an incorrect principle/truth, how can you change to align with correct principles?)
  5. Did the characters find strength in their diversity? Why or why not?


Bring something that you’ve made to class to share that represents this book to you.

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