Leadership Jan 18 Journeyman

This week you should have a rough draft of your book done.

What else does it take to write and publish a book? I’m glad you asked!

Here are the remaining steps:

  • Peer edit book
  • Revise
  • Mom edit book
  • Final revision
  • Choose a title and sub-title
  • Write front and back matter
  • Design cover
  • Set up print book layout
  • Set up Kindle book layout
  • Set up Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) account
  • Choose a price
  • Choose keywords
  • Write compelling description
  • Launch the book
  • Market the book

Don’t get overwhelmed by the list – most people that want to write a book never make it to the rough draft! We’ll work through all of it.

For this week, you are going to learn about writing a title and sub-title.

Read this article by Brian Tracy (author of dozens of books): How To Write A Book Title

In addition, bring a PRINT copy of your book. We will spend some time talking about titles then we will start peer edits. You will each choose someone else’s book to peer edit, so we will talk about how to edit.

I’m so excited to start reading your books!

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