Journeyman Week 1

This year’s journeyman class we’ll take a journey of self-discovery that has the power to completely transform your life for the better. You’ll discover the number principle that has the power to help you achieve anything you want despite how you were born or raised, and despite any negative thoughts or doubts you might have about yourself so you can achieve your fullest potential in this life and life to come. You’ll learn how to become that type of person that will bring you the most happiness and joy. 

The book Psycho-Cybernetics is meant to be experienced not just read. So as you read through the assigned chapters I will ask you some questions and invite you to take action on what you read.


Come prepared to share your insights in the book Psycho-Cybernetics from completely reading the Preface, Chapters 1 and 2.

I’m looking forward to being with all of you in class and working together to experience the exciting discoveries and personal growth you make and achieve this year!

Answer the following questions. Print the following along with the notes you make on selected questions and bring it all to class. Click here to access the Printer Friendly version of this homework/worksheet to print.

  1. On page xix of the Preface fill in the blank: The self-image is the key to ___________________….But more than this: The self-image____________________. It defines what ___________________. Expand the self-image and you expand the “_____________________.”
  2. On page xix to page xx of the Preface what does it say about “Positive thinking” as it relates to affecting your self-image? Write that down with your own thoughts about an experience where you tried to think positively but the situation didn’t work out. Come prepared to share your experience.
  3. On page xx of the Preface fill in the blank….Wittingly or unwittingly you develop your self-image by your ______________________ in the past. You can change it by the same method.
  4. Take the time now to write down the meaning of “Success” to you. You’ll come back to this question later in our course to discuss and revise if needed.
  5. On Page 2 what does it teach you about what exactly the self-image is and how it is developed? Write down your answers and share your thoughts.
  6. On Page 4 what do you learn about what Jesus warned us about? And fill in the blank using Page 4: And numerous experiments have shown that once the concept of self is changed, other things ______________________ the new concept of self are accomplished_____________________. Also look up the following scriptures and record your thoughts about them as they relate to changing your self-image. Come prepared to share your thoughts on this in class.
    2 Corinthians 5:17
    Mosiah 27:26
  7. On Page 12 fill in the blank: ….the so-called subconscious mind is not a “mind” at all, but a mechanism — a goal striving “servo-mechanism” consisting of the _________and ___________system, which is used by, and directed by the mind.
  8. On Page 13 it discusses how our brain and nervous system are continually leading us in the direction of images we think about consciously, or images that are so much a part of us that we are led toward them on autopilot, kind of like a magnetic force. Our self-image determines the “area of the possible” in our entire life.
    • Express your thoughts in your notebook or journal and come prepared to class to share how you can use your imagination to develop better images of seeing yourself do or achieve goals in life you might have doubts in reaching at this moment?
  9. On Page 15 the author introduces you to the first key into how you can easily change the course of your life in the present and reverse the course of any negativity in your life. What do you learn? Write your answers down and share them in class when we discuss this.
    • Write down your thoughts about how focusing on the good can help you change your self-image. Who is the source of all good? How does that source help you see yourself differently?
  10. Make a list of at least 5 memories or more you can recall that makes you literally feel really good and confident about yourself simply by reviewing that memory. It doesn’t matter when or how big these memories are! As long as the memory makes you feel that you did something well, that’s it. This will be a very important step to do so be sure to get this done.
  11. On Pages 30 and 31 read through the 5 Practice Exercises and write down your answers in your notebook/journal.
    • Read Hebrews Chapter 11 here, particularly verse 6. Write down any thoughts of inspiration you receive and answer these questions:
    • What is faith?
    • How does faith tie into developing your self-image?
    • How does God reward you by diligently seeking Him through faith? List out at least 5 possibilities you could be conscious of.

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