Central/South America!

South America

Here is your Checklist!

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1. Are you working on your Geography Songs?  I hope you are listening often!  It is so easy to memorize things when we set words to music.  By now you should know:

If you are “behind” it’s okay.  But, get listening! You can catch up!

 This month we are studying Central and South America!  Listen to THIS SONG that has all the countries of Central America and South America.  Once you have it memorized you can find the countries on a map and before long, you’ll know them all!  

And here is a link if you want to print a map. One is blank and the other has the countries filled in.

Maps to Print

2. The rainforests in South America are incredible! There are animals, insects and such beauty that exists nowhere else on earth.

Watch this video to learn about the rainforest. (If you don’t have Amazon Prime I’m certain you can find this episode elsewhere. Wild Kratts, season 1, episode 9)

Or this video to learn about the rainforest.

Create a rainforest! You can use paper, clay, paint, Legos or anything else that sounds fun. Make sure you put in lots of trees, and some of the animals you would find there.

3. Books! Check out books on Asia from the library. Ask your mom. She may have a few already available for you. Picture books are my favorite way to learn!  Here are a few I suggested that your mom may have purchased.  Another fun thing is to have your mom help you look for books on YouTube about South/Central America. 

The Gold Coin

How One Family Went From Hunger to Having Enough

The Pinata Maker

The Forest in the Clouds 

Our family is having so much fun watching movies for Geography! We snuggle up, get some snacks and enjoy.  Here are some ideas for this month: 

Chili: Nahuel and the Magic Book, 

Mexico: Coco

 Brazil:  Rio

Colombia:  Encanto 

Venezuela: Up  

Peru: Emperor’s New Groove. 

There are so many amazing movies for South and Central America!  Have your parents click on this link to get some more ideas. There are Magic School Bus episodes, Wild Kratt’s, etc. CLICK HERE

Project Life: 

Project Life: My kids and I often share the dreams we had in the night.  Some of them are easily forgotten, some are scary and some are plain weird!  Write about a dream you have had that you remember.  

You could have someone take your picture while you pretend to sleep. You could also take a picture of your bed, favorite blanket and stuffed animals.

Birthday Cards: Happy ½ birthday to Melody and McKade and James! Maker them a birthday card!

Start reading Midnight on the Moon.

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