Journeyman Feb 8: By Endurance We Conquer

While World War I was raging and had much of the world’s attention, near the south pole, a team of explorers were facing the challenge of a lifetime. The man they had chosen to follow into the unknown of Antarctica now had a crisis on his hands.

“I pray God I can manage to get the whole party to civilization.”

Before learning about Sir Ernest Shackleton, take 15 minutes to answer in writing the following questions:

  • In your own words, what is leadership?
  • In your opinion, what are five qualities a person must possess to be a leader?
  • Name 3 examples of your ideal leader. Why did you select those 3 people?
  • When faced with failure of the hoped-for objective, how should a true leader respond?
  • Which of the characteristics you noted above deserves your attention at this stage of your life?

With your answers in mind, watch the following two videos. Take note of the dates mentioned to help you follow the timeline. Also note what leadership qualities Shackleton exhibited, as well as principles he applied to handle crisis after crisis. (If you prefer reading, read pages 129-214 in Ernest Shackleton: Going South.)

Print and read this article, marking points that stand out to you. (Here is the link to the original article that includes a map that you might want to look at to understand his journey.)

Come to class prepared to discuss what you learn. What attitudes can help prepare you for difficulties ahead? Shackleton’s family had a motto: “By endurance we conquer.” What motto could guide your life? Please share!

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