Welcome to the MASTER BLASTER Vanguard Arcade!

This week you get to create your own arcade game! Yaaaayyyyyyyy!!!! I want it to be the most creative, fun, colorful arcade game you’ve ever made.

But first, lets learn a little about arcade games. Did you know that some games are total scams? Did you know that owners of arcades can choose to rig certain games so you can’t win? The video below will teach you about how arcade games might be scamming you, as well as how to choose ones that have the biggest ticket payout. DISCLAIMER: I do not agree with using your scientific brilliance to scam arcade games. That’s not the point of this! The point is for you to have fun learning about the best way to spend your arcade credits so you can score that awesome pink teddy bear with all the tickets you earn!

Mark Rober is the creater of the above video. He’s a famous engineer who graduated from BYU and went on to work for NASA. He uses the gifts that God gave him as an engineer to invent solutions to problems in our world. Some of those problems are extremely important, like creating a robot that eats pollution in the ocean, diagnosing diseases in people who can’t afford health care, and creating a clean water source for those living in poverty. Please watch each of these videos that I carefully selected to inspire the scientist in you!


You also have incredible gifts that God gave you! God has a specific purpose for you on this earth. The world needs YOU. God needs YOU. He needs you to develop your talents and explore the world around you, so that you can help make our world a better place. A place worthy of the second coming of our Savior Jesus Christ. Which brings me to your first assignment for the week:

Make a list of the things you’re good at. You can ask those who love you to help identify these things. Choose one thing you are good at, and use that to serve or bless someone else. Here are some examples: If you’re good at cooking, make dinner for a mom who just had a baby. If you are good at art, draw a beautiful picture for an elderly neighbor. If you are good at sports, make a video of you showing off your skills and send it to your grandpa. Come prepared to share your list with us, and tell us how you used your gifts to make the world a better place.


Okay, I know you are extremely eager to get into the arcade portion of this week! You’re going to love it. So put on your sciency thinking cap and jump in!

It’s time to participate in creating the first ever VANGUARD ARCADE! I’ve named our arcade MASTER BLASTER VANGUARD ARCADE, but if you hate the name, we can consider rebranding.

I’m going to give you very little instruction about this project because I want you to let your imagination run wild! But please read this info VERY carefully so you are aware of what is expected of you:

  • Try to make your game as fun and colorful as possible! There will be PRIZES given for exceptional creativity!
  • ***IMPORTANT*** Your game cannot take up more space than a laundry basket. This is just so all of the games will fit in our space. Definitely try to think of ways to keep your game small.
  • Your game needs a clear name, and clear instructions posted where your players can see it. It can be as simple as “use the thingamadober to launch the ball into the cup”.
  • Try your best to spend $0 on supplies. It’s so much more fun to get creative with supplies you have laying around your house.
  • If you need some inspiration for ideas, check out this, this, and this.
  • You get bonus points if any part of your game lights up, or makes sounds.
  • Work to make your game durable. We are going to allow the Rookies and Seniors to play your games, and we want them to hold up.

I’m giddy with excitement to play all of your games! See ya Thursday! -Sis. Garrett


Printable Checklist


Opening Assignments:

MillieSpiritual Thought
JaniePledge and Joke of the Day
HyrumShow and Tell
VilateKnowledge Share
LucyLead Map Song
JudySueWord of the Day
ElllieTreasurer and Snack

Project Life: What are you good at? What special gifts do you have? What are you passionate about or excited about? Sometimes it helps to think about what you’d love to learn more about, because that can lead you to know what excites you! These things that draw us in are not by accident, they are often related to our purpose in life.

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