Vision Days 2023

“All things denote there is a God; yea, even the earth, all things that are upon the face of it…do witness that there is a Supreme Creator.” – Alma 30:44

VISION DAYS: WEDS. SEPT. 6 @ 10AM – 5:30PM & THURS. SEPT. 7 @ 9AM – 9PM

Please have the following completed before you come to Vision Days:

  1. Read “Stargirl” by Jerry Spinelli (don’t watch the movie or listen on audible, they’ve changed to story too much). As you read think about how things could have been different for Stargirl and for Leo if they’d made different decisions. Do you like the way the book ended? Why or why not? How would you have rather it ended?
  2. Come with your favorite quote from “Stargirl” to discuss.
  3. Print, read and mark your favorite parts in this article, Six Spiritual Lessons from the Natural World and bring it to Vision Days.
  4. Please bring a notebook and pen/pencil for note taking and journaling.
  5. Bring a water bottle that can be refilled throughout the day.
  6. Bring a camp chair or something to sit on.
  7. Please listen to this song a few times to familiarize yourself with it. It’s our Vanguard song for the year and we will be singing it each day at Vision Days and throughout the year. “Sparrows” by Cory Asbury


  • When students arrive on Weds. we will be giving them their Vanguard t-shirt and taking their yearbook photo.
  • Thurs. afternoon we will be canoeing so please have them bring clothes to get wet in and a towel, sunscreen, etc. (Please don’t have them wear their swimsuit all day, it tends to get uncomfortable and they will be able to change.) We will continue to canoe after dinner and the Family Variety Show too so you can bring swimming clothes for your whole family if you plan to stay after.
  • All families are invited to dinner on Weds. night at 5:30 at Kelly’s Grove in Hobble Creek Canyon.
  • Weds. we will be near a stream, so please have your youth bring water shoes if they want to play in the water.
  • All families are invited to dinner on Thurs. night at 5:30 at Harry’s Pond in Salem (address to come) and invited to stay and participate in a Family Variety Show during dinner! Each family should come prepared with something to show/present. It can be anything but here are some ideas: talent, poem, song, skit, parody, cheer, etc. Please make it less than 3 minutes.
  • We will feed the youth lunch and dinner on Weds. and breakfast, lunch and dinner on Thurs. As well as snacks both days.