Rookies March 7, 2024: PLANTS!


Sure, it’s still pretty wintry most days, but I thought it might be nice to notice how all the plants are doing right now and to anticipate the changes with spring that will come soon! I love this time of year, thinking about the upcoming celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, St. Patrick’s Day, and spring in general. In class this week we will do some fun plant-related activities and crafts.

At home, listen to this read aloud book: The Reason for a Flower by Ruth Heller

Also, here’s a song that was written with four parts: Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer. Listen to WINTER and SPRING while you’re playing or coloring/drawing, and see if you can hear the difference between what winter and spring sound like! Right now it feels like we have a winter day, a couple spring days, then back to a winter day . . . 🙂

One thing we will do in class is try to make some shrinky dink keychains and maybe necklaces; remember those, moms?? If you want to, you can draw or print out an image to trace on yours, whether it be plant or otherwise. Images should be about 2″-4″ in size. I will also have stuff so this can be done on the fly in class. I wanted kids to have a chance to bring a picture to trace or copy if there’s something specific they would want to have on a keychain or necklace.

Have a great week!

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