Midnight on the Moon

This week we’re going to have some out-of-this-world fun 😀

First, I would like you to finish reading “Midnight on the Moon” and come prepared to share your favorite part in class with us on Thursday.

I would also like you to watch this super fun video about the planets. Watch it at least 5 times if you can! Try to sing along and learn some of the words, we’ll be doing a fun activity with this song in class so the better you know the song the more fun it will be 🙂

Create a project life page about the biggest adventure you’ve ever been on. Have you hiked a tall mountain? Swam in the ocean? Performed on a huge stage? Jack and Annie go on incredible adventures so I want you to think about YOUR big adventures. Journal ideas could include: what do you remember about your adventure? Were you scared or excited? Would you do it again? See if you can find pictures from your adventure to include.

I would love for you to share your favorite project life page in class this week! Print out a picture of your favorite page and tell us about it in class.

Lastly, moms could you sign up on telegram for which planet your child would like to come dressed as for our class 🙂 This should be VERY simple — in other words if they are earth they can wear a blue and green outfit. If they are mars they can dress in all red, etc. (there are good clues in the song for ideas of how to “dress” like their planet). I would love if the student also knew the simple facts about their planet that are shared in the song.

That’s it for this week!

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