Juniors April 25th – Eating and Drinking


Newsflash! We ran out of time last week and didn’t share poems! Please bring them again Thursday!


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  • Read pages 65-73
  • Choose an interesting fact to share!



Throughout your digestive system, there are different enzymes that breakdown your food so your body can absorb the nutrients it needs to function. To help you understand this process, I want you to do an experiment.


  • jello
  • fresh pineapple or kiwi
  • two bowls/containers

Follow the instructions on the box to make the jello. After you have dissolved the jello mix in water, pour it into the two containers. In one of the containers, add the fresh fruit. Don’t add anything to the other container. After several hours, note what you observe. Are both bowls of jello the same consistency?


Our bodies need lots of different kinds of foods in order to get all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and proteins so we can function and be healthy. Watch this video to help you better understand which foods are in each food group.

During the week, choose 2 days to track everything you eat. This is meant to help you see what kinds of foods you’re eating and which food groups you might be neglecting. Here is a log you can use. Bring it to class on Thursday so we can do an activity with it.


Review our last poem for the year:

Today We Had Some Weather

Today we had some weather
like I’ve never seen before,
so I pulled on my galoshes
and I headed out the door.

It sprinkled, first so lightly,
it could easily be mist.
A tornado then came dancing by,
it swung and did the twist.

The fogbanks opened up their vaults
and let out all their fogs,
and the dog pound took a pounding;
it was raining cats and dogs.

It started raining buckets,
then the rain came down in sheets.
I had never seen so many
sheets and buckets in the streets.

I’d planned to watch the weather
and, though gallantly I tried,
when it started hailing taxis
I gave up and went inside.
— Kenn Nesbitt


Take a picture of one of your meals this week that is particularly delicious and write about why you love it. What are your favorite flavors? What foods are your favorite to eat?

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