Journeyman Week 2 #2

Read chapters 3 to 7 and do the following homework. Thanks!

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1- Fill in the blank using Page 37 (view the page photo here if needed)

 Your ________________ cannot tell the difference between an _____________ experience and a _________________ experience.

Your nervous system reacts appropriately to what you __________________________to be true.

Action Step: Write down in your journal or notes at least 5 or more thinks you currently think or imagine to be true about yourself but in reality are false. You may consider asking your parents with help on this. Come prepared to share one of these false beliefs you thought was true but was not and share your thoughts on how you will replace it with a true thought and image of yourself?

2. On page 40 (view here), read the study reposted by Research Quarterly and write down at least one meaningful experience you want to improve upon. Spend about 5 to 10 minutes every day just focusing on visualizing yourself doing that activity successfully with joy.

Action Step: Practice this every day until we meet for class. Come prepared to share how your visualization of seeing success in your mind first helped you improve your skill or experience. For example you could visualize every day seeing yourself successfully talking with a friend/family member you haven’t seen for a while or delivering a speech in front of others, doing math, seeing yourself as courageous instead of inferior, reading smoothly without mistakes, bearing your testimony of your Savior with confidence and joy, doing a chore for your sibling, practicing a particular song on the piano, singing at your fullest potential without hesitation, selling a product or service in your business, etc.

Also, as a bonus, write down what 4th experiment do you think would have been important to do besides the 3 that were done already to show even greater results for us to learn from?

3. Using page 61 fill in the blank (see page here)

“The hypnotist merely removed this_________________, and allowed him to express his _____________________. The hypnosis literally “dehypnotized” him temporarily from his own ______________________________about himself.

Action Step: Write down your thoughts about any possibility you could achieve in your life right now if your own limiting mental blocks were removed? Can you see how you are not your thoughts? And that you can exercise your free agency by making a choice at any given moment to be more, become more, achieve and experience your body’s physical and spiritual capabilities?

4. Study pages 64 and 65 and write 1 or 2 paragraphs (or more if you feel inclined) in your journal about what you specifically can do in your life every day to avoid the trap of comparing yourself in negative ways to other people? Share how your true identity of being a child of God liberates you from the grasp of satan’s lies of tempting you to believe you must look or do certain things to be of any worth in this world. Compare and contrast the feeling of what you can achieve/experience in life using your true identity compared to the limits the adversary tries very hard to get you to believe about your identity.

5. Choose one or more of the mental picture exercises on pages 67 to 69  and practice them. Come prepared to share your thoughts/experience with the class.

6. Reference page 75 (see here) and write down what you should do with your memories of past failures, errors, sins, mistakes once you have used them to help you improve your life? Also, what are some specific things you do right now or will commit to doing to avoid criticizing yourself repeatedly of past mistakes and instead heal and become prosperous?

7. Look at pages 80 and 81 (see here page 80 and here page 81) and write down how you personally can get “emotional” with wrestling while logically thinking hard about the 4 questions asked? How can “anger” sometimes act as a liberator from false ideas?

8. Fill in the blank using page 82 (see here):

Rational thought, to be effective in changing belief and behavior, must be accompanied with ______________and _____________.

9. Study chapters 6 and 7, highlight and make notes of the ideas and practices you find most interesting and helpful. Come prepared to go around the room in class to share.

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