History Week 6: World War 2

The cliffs at Point du Hoc, scaled by the Rangers on D-Day.


Read the following sections in STOW: “Rebuilding the Fatherland,” “The Three-War War,” “The Holocaust,” “The War that Stretched Across the World,” and “The Atom Bomb” — TAKE NOTES on these sections in your commonplace book.

Watch this youtube video of firsthand accounts from liberators and survivors of concentration camps.

Watch this video about the D-Day invasion and what was possibly the largest world-wide prayer uttered in history.

Watch this video about the atomic bomb.

Evidence of the craters from bombs dropped by Allied forces along the coast of Normandy remain today.


Go back over those notes and write up the who, what, why, when, where and how of WW2. This will probably be pretty easy because this is such a BIG topic to write into a concise 500 words.

Click here to access the newspaper template you will be using for this class.

Just like last month these are the guidelines for your article, please read this carefully:

  • The requirements for this assignment are to first, write a headline and create an article for the main story. The main story must cover the Who, What, Why, When and Where of WW2. Working with the 8.5 type size in the template means this article is less than 500 words! Do not be intimidated, that is not a lot of words. I do expect you to use that space but you may adjust your font size to be 7.5 or 9.5 if that is helpful. We are going to get really good at summarizing and learning key points this school year by working on these newspaper articles each month. I do not expect you to write in newspaper style because we haven’t taught that to you — just write an informative 500 (ish) words covering the 5 w’s of the WW2. (Keep it between 400- 500 words)
  • NEXT, you get to write a sub-article for the sidebar. This sub-article is of a topic of your choosing. I want you to pick a topic dealing with events, people and places that are related to the WW2. Things that may spark your interest could be: Women in the workforce, bombings in London, concentration camps, japanese internment camps, Eisenhower, inflatable tanks and parachuting dummies, any of the major battles in the pacific or european front, treaty of Versailles, advances for womens rights, propaganda, Jewish resistance, animals used in war, advances in weapons, advances in planes, impact on fashion and clothing from wartime rationing, victory gardens and food rationing, Pearl Harbor, destruction of history, art and architecture in Europe, prisoners of war, spies, submarines, the Manhattan Project, shipbuilding achievments AND MORE.
  • Both articles need to have a photograph — that’s what the green and blue box is for. I would like you to use a historical photo for both spots! We have entered the era where we can actually see photos of this time period so we’re going to seek out and use those photos. A simple google search will bring up ample photographs for you to use.

IN CLASS you will be put in groups to share your sidebar article! Each group will vote on the most interesting article they heard in their group. Yes, I understand that “interesting” is a relative word — this could mean that your article was very articulate or written in a fascinating way. It could mean you chose a really unique topic. It could mean that you chose something your classmates had never learned about before. So the goal is to be consise and interesting 🙂 Each group will send their “most interesting” representative to read their article for the entire class.

Tip for success: Practice reading your article out loud (both of them) to hear how they flow and catch any mistakes. Also, I recommend having a parent proofread them AND do not go over the space limit. I know this is so hard because some of these topics are so deep and fascinating BUT it is a great life skill to be able to study, discern key details and craft an interesting summary. That’s the goal!

Remains of a German bunker. You can see how these were thick and fortified and how it would be difficult to destroy.


Do you have a song that fills you with joy? I’m not talking about a song that’s just fun to blast and makes you want to dance, but instead, a song that has you reflecting on all the good gifts in your life, a song that fills you with so much gratitude for your Father in Heaven? I think everyone should have a song like that in their life! When I’m feeling discouraged, blah, meh and unmotivated then a song that connects me to heaven with words that resonate with my spirit ALWAYS brings me back to a place of light, energy and gratitude.

These are a few songs that I turn to when I want to be flooded with gratitude, if you don’t have your own song like that yet then you can try one of mine out 🙂 This week I would like you to listen to a song that fills your heart with gratitude, then say a verbal prayer of gratitude to your Father in Heaven, finally, I want you to text or call or personally express gratitude to someone. THREE things. I have never experienced the trial of war-time, nor the affliction of being imprisoned and treated inhumanely but Corrie Ten Boom has and from her I learned that even in the most depraved of circumstances you can be elevated and protected with gratitude as your weapon and shield. Corrie’s sister Betsie encouraged Corrie to pray with her in gratitude for their new barracks at the concentration camp — barracks that were covered in biting, disgusting fleas. Begrudgingly she gave thanks for the fleas for they had read in the Bible to thank God in all circumstances. Miraculously they were able to hold nightly Bible studies with the women in their new barracks and it wasn’t until later that they realized that the reason they were protected from being harrassed and caught and having their bible taken away was because of those fleas that deterred the prison guards from entering. These sisters are one of my greatest examples of gratitude no matter what, praising God no matter what and fighting the good fight even when it seems impossible!

Gospel – “The Goodness of God” by Cece Winans (this is the song that will play at my funeral as a slideshow of all the photos I’ve taken of my life is presented, so if you need help choosing this one is an extra favorite)

Country – “What I’m Thankful For” by Garth Brooks and James Taylor – this is my all-time favorite “thanksgiving” song but it doesn’t exist on youtube. If you have Amazon music it’s worth a listen.

Christian Pop– Gratitude by Brandon Lake (pretty sure this was filmed at the Goshen film set the church built, kind of fun to see it in the background 🙂

Acapella – same song but by BYU Vocal Point – a cover of Gratitude by Brandon Lake

Popera – “Amazing Grace” by Andrea Bocelli and Allison Kraus

Bluegrass – I’m Going Down to the River to Pray

Theme song! – Remember “Sparrows” by Cory Ashbury? I love these lyrics.

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