Happy Valentine’s Week!

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This week we are focusing on LOVE! But not just any love, the kind of love that Christ has for you, and for me. The kind of love that Christ has for each of us. There’s a special word for this kind of love, it’s called CHARITY.


Here is a video for you to watch, to learn more about this special kind of love. It’s about Hannah’s relationship with her brother Hyrum who has autism, and how she exemplifies Christlike love. Everyone deserves to be loved and valued, no matter how different they are from you. You will get a bonus Vanbuck if you have your family watch this video with you!


Do you remember the story about Nephi’s courage and how he taught us that God would always help us do the things that He’s commanded us to do? God has commanded us to love one another, so He will help us know how to do that! Go to a quiet place and ask Heavenly Father who might need your love this week, then listen to His answer. Write the names of those people down, and cross them off as you find ways to show them love.


For our Valentine’s party, you get to bring a special note to all the other kids! Think of something special about each person, something you like about them, or maybe something nice they’ve done. Write it down on a valentine, and put their name on it. You can find all of the names HERE. Print the list and cross them off as you complete them. You should have 23 total Valentines. If you have time, I’m sure your teachers would love a note from you as well! I have made you a special playlist to listen to as you work on your notes. However, you can listen to it anytime during your week.


Make a container to hold your Valentines! This activity is optional, and will not earn you any Vanbucks. It’s just something fun you can work on, if you have time.

Here is your printable checklist for the week!

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