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Here is your checklist.

Can you find Europe on a world map? Europe is made up of lots of countries. You can listen to this song to hear which countries are located there. You can also watch this video to see famous landmarks that people love to travel to see.

We are studying Europe this month. Europe is where castles are. There aren’t a lot of kings and queens anymore, but the castles are still there. Watch this video to learn about castles. 

Can you create your own castle? You can use Legos, cardboard, graham crackers, or anything else you can think of. You may want to add battlements, turrets, drawbridge and a moat.  I wonder if you can find a way to show the people who lived and worked in the castle.

In class we are going to have a fancy tea party like they have in Europe. They have tea parties a lot! Can you make a tea party food to share with our class? Tea party food is can be little cookies, bite size fruit, or sandwiches cut into little pieces.  Have your mom, dad or big brother or sister help you decide what to make. It would be fun to make something where you had to follow a recipe!

Manners are always important but especially so at a tea party. Can you watch this video so you know how to be a polite guest? Here’s a funny storybook you can watch on manners as well.

If you lived in Europe in the time of Kings and Queens what job would you like in the castle? The King? The Princess? A Knight? The Jester? The Cook? A servant? Choose and gather a costume to wear to the tea party.   

There are so many movies you can watch that are located in Europe! Ask your mom first though. Maybe your whole family can watch with you?

England: Robin Hood

England: Peter Pan

England: Paddington Bear

England: Mary Poppins

England: Sword in the Stone

Austria: Sound of Music

Scotland: Brave

Norway: Frozen

France: Ever After

France: Madeline

France: Joan of Arc (There is a version by Living Scriptures)

France: Ratatouille

Project Life: What are some of your favorite jokes?  Write them down! Do you like to play jokes on people?  Has anyone ever played a joke on you? 


For class you need to bring your tea party food, your castle and come wearing your costume!

We will have our tea party, a battle and try to knock down a fortress wall! See you then friends!

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