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Here is your checklist.

Each letter in the word STEM stands for a word. Just for fun, see if you can guess them:





Now, watch this video and see if you were right!

Color this fun coloring page, and bring it to class to show us!

Now it is your turn to create your own STEM project! With the help of your parent, choose a project you would like to complete. To get you started, I have made a list of some really fun ones, but you can also choose something different. It’s helpful to choose something that is easy to bring to class with you on Thursday, because we will be having a fun show-and-tell with our projects!

Project Life: Look at the world around you, what do you love to look at? Do you have a favorite type of tree? A favorite animal? Write about your favorite season, and what you love to do in that season. Take pictures of some of God’s creations that interest you.


We will be having SO MUCH FUN this week! We’ll have a real scientist come to teach us about germs (hint: someone’s dad is a scientist!), you’ll be making our very own ice cream, and we’ll be taking apart and destroying some electronics so we can figure out what their guts look like! I can’t wait to see you there! -Sister Garrett

****ATTENTION MOMS: Please bring a pair of mittens or gloves for your student because the ice cream making can get cold

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