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Master Feb. 8 “Gandhi the Man”

Know: Do all of the following: Understand:

History Apprentice, Week 3: The Russian Revolution

✏ Writing Assignment Fill out the 4-square sheet on biomes by taking the subtopics and [...]

History Journeyman Week 3: Government Terms

Do you know the difference between fascism and communism? Can you list different types of [...]

Master Jan. 11 “Red Scarf Girl”

Know: Do all of the following: Understand: Bring something… anything… (be creative) that represents this [...]

History Apprentice Week 2: WW1

We’re stepping away from the United States and stepping into the world, the first ever [...]

History Journeyman week 2 (Oct 26): Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919)

Learn what you can about Theodore Roosevelt, starting with this link. Look at additional sources. [...]

Master Oct 26 “Til the Boys Come Home”

Know: Do all of the following:

History Apprentice Week 1: Reconstruction and Immigration

Last year we finished up with the Civil War and the assasination of Abraham Lincoln. [...]


History Journeyman September 21: Where did you come from?

This may seem obvious but, if you think about it, each person who is born [...]

Master Sept 21 “Gone with the Wind”

Know: Do all of the following: Understand: